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Výrobce: Lastolite Kód produktu: LL LR3311

960 Kč s DPH
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The HaloCompact Cover 82cm (32”) Sunlite/Soft Silver is a replacement or alternative cover for use with the HaloCompact Reflector or Diffuser. The Sunlite surface features a combination of silver and gold stripes offering a slightly warmer reflective tone than the standard full silver. Ideal for warming skin tones and shooting during golden hour, complementing the warm colours of the sun. The Soft Silver surface features an even combination of silver and white stripes, positioning its reflective qualities between a full silver and a full white surface. An ideal solution for adding that little bit of extra fill when needed, whilst not being too overpowering. Specifications Weight : 0.145 kg Comes With Fabric Bag : Yes Open Diameter : 82 cm Weight : 0.105 kg