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Skylite Rapid Fabric Large 2 x 2m Silver/White Více

Výrobce: Lastolite Kód produktu: LL LR82231R

3 920 Kč s DPH
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Reflector fabric for Skylight Rapid frame system. Fabrics for the Skylite frames are available separately so that you can mix and match as you choose.

Details for this fabric: • Silver and White •2m x 2m (6'6" x 6'6") • Featuring Skylight Rapid clips for quick set ups. For the location photographer who needs lighting control in the most demanding situations. The Skylite Rapid's collapsible but rigid aluminium frame delivers reliable performance even in windy conditions, while the Skylite Rapid change covers simply clip in to place giving maximum versatility. The Skylite Rapid frames, fabrics and accessories are available separately or as kits so you can mix and match as you choose. Features: • Aluminium Frame • Resistant to rust so ideal for outdoors • An elastic cord runs through the aluminium making it impossible to lose parts or leave anything behind • Skylite Rapid change covers clip easily into place for an impressively taut finish • One bag fits all sizes.

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