Newell Baterie NP-FV70 pro Sony

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Newell Battery NP-FV70 is made of the best high capacity cells from Japan with an actual capacity of 2060mAh. Více

Výrobce: Newell Kód produktu: NL1941 EAN: 5901891100853 Doprava a platba

Newell Battery NP-FV70 is made of the best high capacity cells from Japan with an actual capacity of 2060mAh. Information about the higher capacity of the battery, 3000 mAh or more, provided by other sellers is nothing more than an unfair marketing trick. The actual capacity of These batteries is not higher than the genuine Nikon EN-EL9e product. For example a standard notebook battery has the capacity of 4,000 mAh. That shows it diemensions of smaller camera battery simply not allow it to put more than 2000 mAh in it. Newell Batteries are manufactured using the Li-Ion battery technology. These batteries do not have the memory effect and the charging them is possible without previous running down. Buying Newell battery you have the guarantee your camera is safe. The 24 months warranty on the new battery included! Each battery is well Newell blister packed and has a blank cover as a protection. Specification - model NP-FV70 - technology Li-ion - capacity: 2060mAh / 14Wh - voltage: 7.2 V - 100% compatibility with the original item - available power level display Compatible with: * SONY HDR-TG1, HDR-TG3E HDR-TG5, HDR-TG5 / E, DSC-HX1 * SONY HDR-XR Series HDR-XR550 / E HDR-XR350 / E HDR-XR150 / E * SONY HDR-CX Series HDR-CX12E HDR-CX6EK HDR-CX7, HDR-CX7E HDR-CX-150 / E, HDR-350 / E, HDR-550 / E * Sony Handycam DCR-SX Series DCR-SX30, DCR-SX30E, DCR-SX40, DCR-SX40, DCR-SX41, SX41-DCR, the DCR-SX41L, DCR-SX41R. * Sony DCR-HC SeriesDCR-HC19E DCR-HC20E DCR-HC21E DCR-HC22E DCR-HC24E DCR-HC26E DCR-HC27E DCR-HC28E DCR-HC30E DCR-HC32EDCR-HC33E DCR-HC35E DCR-HC36E DCR-HC37E DCR-HC38E DCR -HC40E DCR-HC42E DCR-HC43E DCR-HC45E DCR-HC46EDCR-HC47E DCR-HC48E DCR-HC54E DCR-HC52E DCR-HC85E DCR-HC96EDCR-HC20 DCR-HC21 DCR-HC26 DCR-HC28E DCR-HC30 DCR-HC32E DCR HC38E DCR-HC36 DCR-HC40 DCR-HC42E DCR-HC46DCR-HC48E DCR-HC65 DCR-HC85 DCR-HC96E * SONY HDR-SR SeriesHDR-SR1E HDR-SR5 HDR-SR5E HDR-SR7 HDR-SR7E HDR SR8E HDR-SR10E HDR-SR12E / SR11E * SONY DCR-DVD Series DCR-DVD405 DCR-DVD408 DCR-DVD505E DCR-DVD508 DCR-DVD602E / E DCR-DVD605 / E-DCR-DVD608E DCR-DVD653E DVD610EDCR / E DCR-DVD710E DCR-DVD703 / E DCR-DVD705 / E DCR-DVD708 / E DCR-DVD755 / E DCR-DVD803 / E DCR-DVD805 / E DCR-DVD808 / E DCR-DVD905 / E DCR-DVD908 / E and more with this battery type.
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