Newell replacement battery BP-511 for Canon

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Newell Battery is made of the best high capacity cells from Japan with an actual capacity of 1500 mAh. Více

Výrobce: Newell Kód produktu: NL0568 EAN: 5907489641227 Doprava a platba

Are you professionally engaged in photography and don't want to interrupt your work at an inopportune moment, or are you taking pictures as a memento of family events and are afraid of missing the most interesting moments? The Newell BP-511 battery provides high quality, safety and advanced technology, all at an attractive price. High quality The best quality cells are used in the production of Newell batteries. The capacity quoted in milliamps is real and ensures long working time. 100% safety The built-in intelligent safety system, based on the IC electronics, regulates the charging process. This guarantees safety and protection for the device and the user. Advanced technology Newell's replacement is built with lithium-ion technology. It allows multiple charging and discharging, as well as recharging at any time without the risk of the so-called "memory effect". Many years of experience The Newell brand has been on the market for many years and has a long list of satisfied customers, both among professionals and amateur photographers. Specification model: BP-511 technology: Li-ion capacity: 1500 mAh voltage: 7.4 volts Compatibility Canon Eos-1d, Eos 20d, Eos 10d, Eos-D30, Eos 300d, Powershot G1, G2, G3, G5, G6, Zr 50mc, Zr-10, Zr-20, Zr-25mc, Zr-30mc, Mv-300, Mv-300i, Mv-30i, Mv-400i, Mv-430i, Mv-450i