Newell SDC-USB 3-kanálová nabíječka AB1 Osmo Action

8 bodů do věrnostního systému
890 Kč s DPH
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Výrobce: Newell Kód produktu: NL2262 EAN: 5907489640459 Doprava a platba

Newell SDC-USB is probably the smallest Osmo Action battery charger of this type available for sale. Its compact size makes it easy to pack it with the rest of the equipment and take it on any journey. Thanks to the possibility of powering from any USB port, you can power the device with a laptop, powerbank, smartphone charger. It also allows charging while driving. Three charging channels and security The Newell charger has three independent charging channels, so you can recharge your batteries faster. Advanced controllers regulate the parameters of the charging process, preventing overheating and overcharging, ensuring maximum battery life. Information about the charging status The diode indicates the current status of the device – it is lit red during charging and the end of the process is signaled by a green diode. The charger is compatible with DJI system batteries, Newell batteries and other substitutes. Specification • power supply: micro USB / USB-C 5 V; 2.1 A (min) Compatibility • battery: AB1 for Osmo Action Kit contents • charger • USB power cable – micro USB (no power supply included)
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