3 body do věrnostního systému

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Kód produktu: SY0001-7001Doprava a platba

The Syrp link cable connects the Genie with your camera allowing the Genie to control your camera’s shutter. This is a required accessory to shot photos for Time-lapse and photo stitching. It is not required for video recording with the Genie. Every camera model uses a specific Shutter Link Cable and we offer cables to support hundreds of different cameras. Olympus: Model _Shutter Port type _Link Cable XZ-2 iHS _E-System _3L XZ-2 _E-System _3L E-420 _E-System _3L E-410 _E-System _3L E-400 _E-System _3L E-450 _E-System _3L XZ-1 _E-System _3L E-600 _E-System _3L E-30 _E-System _3L E-100 _E-System _3L E-620 _E-System _3L E-510 _E-System _3L PEN E-PL5 _E-System _3L PEN E-PM2 _E-System _3L SP-550 _E-System _3L SP-570 _E-System _3L SP-560 _E-System _3L PEN E-PM1 _E-System _3L PEN E-PL2 _E-System _3L PEN E-PL3 _E-System _3L PEN E-PL7 _E-System _3L PEN E-P1 _E-System _3L PEN E-P2 _E-System _3L PEN E-P3 _E-System _3L OM-D E-M5 _E-System _3L PEN E-P5 _E-System _3L OM-D E-M1 _E-System _3L OM-D E-M10 _E-System _3L E-330 _E-System _3L E-500 _E-System _3L PEN E-PL8 _E-System _3L OM-D E-M10 II _E-System _3L E-400 _E-System _3L