Syrp QR Plate 90mm for Linear & MCP

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Quick Release Camera Plate 90mm for Linear & MCP Více

Kód produktu: SY0016-0003 EAN: 9421032390210 Doprava a platba

Quick Release Plate (patent pending) for Genie II Linear and Magic Carpet Pro carriage. Add one to the base of your equipment to quickly and effortlessly connect your gear to the Syrp Quick Release system. This system is specifically designed to keep your camera secure while keeping you mobile and is one of our greatest on-location time savers. Genie II Linear has the Quick Release plate integrated. Simply attach the QR Plate to your camera or Tripod head and click it straight in to shoot. Magic Carpet Pro also comes with an integrated QR receiver. Note: both Genie II Linear and Magic Carpet Pro come with a Quick Release Plate. This spare part is used if you have to replace a damaged or lost one.